I am forced to buy smaller clothes!

Submitted by: Denise Lee

's Success Story

I started working with Denise about 18 months ago because I needed to work on my core strength, balance and overall fitness. I had a lot of joint pain, and was mostly walking for exercise, which didn't give a very good cardio workout and caused more strain on my knees and feet.

Since then, Denise has helped me get a lot stronger; my balance and flexibility have improved, and she has helped me start eating healthier by monitoring periodic food diaries, etc.

One of the greatest things has been learning all the different ways I can get a great workout using yoga, weight training, Pilates, cardio, etc. anywhere, from gym to home to a hotel room, etc. without a lot of expensive and bulky equipment. I've learned how to get a good workout on my own, as well as when she's there to push me.

I also appreciate how she adjusts the workouts based on my increasing fitness level, with allowances for my particular weak spots. It's been a great experience having her work with me.

Rosalyn A.