I am a New PERSON!

Submitted by: Ryan Jacobsen

Lindsay's Success Story

Most people have a defining moment where they decide they need to change their life and get fit. I’ve had more of those than I can count and they never had a lasting effect. So in April of 2012 when I started counting calories, I didn’t think much about it. In May, I started doing an hour on the elliptical before work every morning. I followed the same elliptical regimen for two months and I lost about 15 pounds but I didn’t see any changes in my body and I didn’t drop a size. I had my measurements taken in July but decided to hold off on getting a trainer because I just knew I would see a difference any day now.

Two months later I decided to get a trainer. Ryan took my initial measurements and I was fairly happy with the progress I had made over the previous two months but I knew there was room for improvement. Ryan put me through the ringer twice a week and gave me “homework” for the days he didn’t see me. He explained the importance of mixing up my cardio and incorporating strength training into my weight loss program. When it came time for my two week measurements, I was shocked – I made more progress (weight and inches) in two weeks with Ryan than I did in two months on my own.

Ryan pushed me harder than I ever pushed myself, and it showed. In the two months I trained with him, I lost 16 pounds of fat, gained 5 pounds of lean muscle, dropped 3 dress sizes, and got rid of my double (or triple) chin. He constantly pushed me to do more, try harder, not quit. He learned my procrastination tricks and started calling me out on them, which I absolutely needed. Most importantly, he forced me to work on my self-confidence by refusing to allow me to talk down about myself or make fun of myself, not even in a joking manner.

Ryan gave me the tools I needed to continue my weight loss journey after our training sessions were complete. Overall, I’ve lost 50 pounds to date and I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes. If it wasn’t for Ryan I’d probably still be chugging away on that elliptical every single morning.


Lindsay Before


Lindsay After