I am a believer

Submitted by: Heather DeWitt

Tamara's Success Story

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and the Evo Fit family for all that you've done for me. When I walked into that first kickboxing class in December of 2012 I was nervous, self conscious, and had little faith in my capabilities. Taking your transformation challenge in 2013 was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was an emotional 10 weeks and you never gave up on me and most importantly you didn't let me give up on myself. Evolution Fitness kept me going, the girls are so amazing, inspirational and motivational that I kept finding a reason to show up at bootcamps. The group pushed me to run my first 5k and compete in the spartan, two things I never would have attempted on my own. It's not just that evolution fitness helped me burn body fat and change me physically, but it changed me mentally. I accomplished things I never thought I would do, I pushed myself past fears, frustrations and breaking points heck I even had confidence to wear a strapless dress on my birthday and that's all because of you and Evolution Fitness!


Tamara Before