How ZUMBA® helped my struggle with Lupus . . .

Submitted by: Christina LaGrega

Anonymous's Success Story

I am a young woman struggling with lupus for years. It has not been an easy battle, I am still battling with it. I had been really sick before I discovered the joy of Zumba®. I went just to try it one day, that one day became two days a week, and I just could not get enough of the class wishing they had classes everyday instead of twice a week. The music and dance was great, I felt so free, Energized, uplifting. The door closed the music start it was like I left everything behind that door, it was no worries once you are there. I soon discover that Zumba® was like a "drug" and "therapy" that I could not get enough of, I was in love and obsessed.

Zumba® became my therapy of dealing with my sickness. Since discovering Zumba® I have not seen my doctors or getting sick less often that I use to( the doctors think I'm doing very well and said keep doing what ever that you are doing) I have Increase so much Energy, strength, agility and endurance to deal with anything that comes my way. I was always battling with my weigh( too low) but Zumba® has help me to gain muscles, now I am maintaining a very healthy weight, keeping me in great shape and less sick, don't get me wrong I have good and bad days, but more goods then bad. I am much happier, positive and healthier then ever and that is thanks to ZUMBA® and Great Instructors that actually cares about your well being!