How Zumba® Fitness Helped me to get healthier...!!!

Daniela Gutierrez De Moya(my own story)'s Success Story

First of all I want to say that to me was really hard to exercise,, I had an accident when I was 8 years old,, doctors thought of cutting my left leg, since it was in pretty bad condition,, thanks God I do have my leg,, but having that accident made really hard to do any exercise.. With years I became overweight, I was depress, had migraine, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, everyday headache,etc etc.
One day late September 2009 I walked in to a Zumba® Class,,,
I always loved to dance,, since then I am hook to Zumba® Fitness, I was 225lbs, Zumba® helped me to get down to 154lbs, my life has change, I am more healthier.
With the different Zumba® Fitness formats I have gain muscle, strength, and I am way more confident then what I just to be..
I just love Zumba®....