How I lost 30 lbs in 12 weeks

Submitted by: Brooklyn Dicent

Brooklyn 's Success Story

This is my story! I believe that in order to be great at something you have to experience it, suffer through it, and learn from it, then teach it. I had been working on my personal fitness for sometime but had lost interest and motivation. Over time I struggled with ideas and protocols to use to get me inspired.

Then I found 2 life changers: Hot Yoga and Medifast. You have to combine both training and nutrition we all know this. But what made this process easier was being coached to think and behave differently.

The biggest lesson for me was discovering the triggers that caused me to have unwanted behaviors. One I learned what was getting in my way and how, I was in the power seat!

Losing weight is not hard. Changing your thinking, now that's a lifetime effort.


Brooklyn  Before


Brooklyn  After