How I danced off 70 pounds (Zumba)

Submitted by: Amanda Clay

Amanda 's Success Story

My Zumba® journey started in late 2010. I was at the time trying to lose weight...I tried bootcamps, personal trainers, and spent time at the gym (arc, eliptical, treadmill). I did lose some weight but it was not all that fun. In December my sister finally convinced me to try a Zumba® class. I'm not a dancer and really went in thinking I would try it then never go back. Well that one class changed my entire weight loss path. I had so much fun that first class - I laughed, I danced, and when class was over I could not believe it had already been an hour. I began taking Zumba® classes whenever I could - even going to multiple gyms to catch classes

In May of 2011 I decided to get licensed to teach Zumba® so that I could motivate others to have fun losing weight. Whether I'm teaching a class or taking a class I'm always smiling. Zumba® is the most fun I have ever had working out. My Zumba® family is amazing - they make class fun and without them this journey certianlly would not have been as easy. To date I have shed 70 pounds!!

A special thanks to Kim Flores! I have been taking class with Kim since that first class. I now instruct on her Impulse Rhythms Team. These past two years have been amazing! I sooo glad I was dragged into a class with Kim - she is an amaizing instructor, trainer and really has helped me further my Zumba® career.


Amanda  Before


Amanda  After