Hooked on Pilates

Submitted by: Ernie Fossa

Renee's Success Story

“As a fashion model, it is very important to stay fit. When I first began modeling, the only exercises I incorporated in my daily routine were cardio and weight training. After receiving a Groupon to try a Pilates class and personal training session at Gramercy Pilates, I decided ‘why not give it a try?’ After all my upper body was very weak and I had heard many great things about the Pilates practice. After one reformer class I was hooked, and after my one-on-one session with Ernie I was a full on Pilates advocate. Over the course of 6 months I watched my body transform from simply “skinny” to strong. No other exercises I had done in the past achieved the long lean body that I now posses. I truly believe that the personal attention and care that the Gramercy Pilates Team gives has been the key to this transformation. They are as dedicated to my body as I am, and for that I can’t thank them enough!”
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