Submitted by: Dwayne Cookson

Kevin's Success Story

I have had the tremendous opportunity to work Dwayne Cookson for the past three months. Having had trainers in the past, I had a basic idea of what I was looking for but Dwayne has surpassed any trainer I have had. For that one hour I am with Dwayne he is totally focused on what I am doing. He stresses the importance of proper technique and trust me when he changes your position you will feel as though you are lifting 50 pounds when in actuality it is 10. When I started with working with Dwayne, I had limited mobility in my left shoulder, since working with him, and following the small muscle strengthening program he developed, I have seen a drastic change in my range of motion and strength in my left shoulder.

In addition to the exercise program that Dwayne has personally designed to meet my needs, he has stressed the importance of proper nutrition. By following this personalized diet plan, I have lost 4% of my body fat and have gained 7 pounds of what I call muscle. This diet plan has also increased my energy to the point that others have seen a change in my attitude. Being a 50 year old, that is a good thing.

I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a trainer that Dwayne is the one they need. Again, his knowledge of strength training, technique, conditioning and the importance he places on nutrition far surpass any other trainer you could find. The hour I spend with him is time well spent and most importantly the changes in my own mind, body and spirit are well worth it. You will not be disappointed.