Holistic approach 2

Submitted by: Ryan Crandall

Diane's Success Story

"I am a 53 year old woman that decided about 10 years ago to restart an exercise and fitness program that had lain dormant for about 15 years. I had made the common mistake of putting my family and my work before my own health, and as a result, transformed from being fit, toned and in-shape to being fifteen pounds overweight and quite flabby. In the past decade, I have worked with a number of different trainers in all parts of the country, but it was not until I met Ryan Crandall that I truly knew I had my own Personal Trainer. All of the others seemed to take a cookie-cutter approach, treating all of their clients exactly the same, and doing the typical exercise programs that one could follow on their own in any gym in the world.

Ryan is completely different. It is difficult for me, after my experiences, to even place Ryan in the same profession as other Personal Trainers. He is beyond unique, beyond personable, and beyond effective. He truly gets to know the person he is dealing with inside and out. He understands the person's mind, body, strengths and weaknesses. He has multiple college degrees, and he brings his in-depth knowledge of the body into his specialized programs for each of his clients. Ryan has an innate ability to motivate and encourage his clients in a very quiet and genuine manner, without being the typical "salesman" that comes along with many personal trainers. He is one of the most authentic, real, honest, ethical, kind and big-hearted people I have ever met.

I have now been working with Ryan for the past three years, and I cannot imagine ever working with another Personal Trainer again. No one can compare to Ryan Crandall. I recommend him to anyone and everyone. There is not a person in this world that would not benefit from working with Ryan. He will not only make you a more fit, healthy, secure person, but he will truly make your world a better place. He certainly has done that for me and my entire family. He has worked with my 19 year old step-son, my 16 year old daughter, my 14 year old step-son, and my 13 year old daughter for the past couple of years... and all of them think Ryan is truly the best person they know. They could never imagine our life without Ryan Crandall. We are blessed to have him in our world." Diane D.