Hockey can be a very physically demanding sport...

Brock's Success Story

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Brock Radunske- and over the past 3 years I played hockey in the Edmonton Oilers system. Hockey can be a very physically demanding sport and I have struggled with alignment issues and certain important muscles around the core. This summer I decided to take a pro-active approach and was fortunate enough to find Kevin, who worked 2 hours a week along with my training schedule. Before my treatments started, I wasn't sure the quality of work which I was going to recieve, especially having very good athletic trainers at Michigan State and also at the professional level.

I would recommend Kevin to anybody that is suffering from chronic pain because I sure know how it can change your outlook on life. The past couple summers I have even contemplated retiring because of the unresolved issues that were going on in my body,and to find trained professionals that are able to correct these problems is very refreshing and has given me drive and determination to play for as long as my body will let me, and with Kevin around, that should be a long time!!

Brock Radunske
Professional Hockey Player