Hit A Plateau?

Submitted by: Machelle Lee

Emily's Success Story

Working with Machelle has been absolutely wonderful!!! When I contacted Machelle, I was very bored with my old workout routine and needed to do something different. Machelle was full of ideas and she made exercising fun and enjoyable! TRULY!!! Machelle and I have met at the beach, park, rock climbing gym, and at my house--most importantly working out does not have to be a boring activity that you only do at the GYM!!!!---Machelle will teach you that you can work out anywhere and have fun at the same time. I have noticed that since I have worked with Machelle I have become a much happier and more balanced person. This is not only due to her positive outlook in life, but because she has empowered me with tools that enable me to feel comfortable working out anywhere. If you are looking for a positive change in your life and lots of fun, please give her a call!