History of Chronic Health Issues – Kidney Trouble, Mental Health, Back Pain

Submitted by: Jeff Evenson

Ashley's Success Story

I’m 29 years old and have had chronic health issues since I was a young child including- back pain, kidney trouble and poor mental health. For the last five years my right kidney has hurt everyday and flairs up so bad every few months I can’t even get out of bed for several days. I was on around 15 different medications to help with various health issues, some of which I was prescribed to cure the side effects of other meds. I have seen EVERY specialist out there and had many awful tests ran to no avail. I was told I would have all these problems for the rest of my life, the only fix I was offered was to start taking a medication that shuts off my ability to feel pain. I tried it for almost 2 years and it lead to more sickness and hospitalizations. The last time I had a kidney infection it turned to a blood infection that required hospitalization because I couldn’t feel the pain and waited a month to see someone. My back pain had grown so severe I was no longer able to pick up my 2 year old and felt I never would be able to. I decided with all these chronic health issues I would never be able to work again so I applied for disability. Needless to say my mental health was a mess also. Out of sheer desperation I started looking into other types of healing and came across Nutrition Response Testing and enrolled in the program hoping just to take the edge off some of my symptoms.
HOW IS IT NOW: Today, I am a happy to say my life is completely different! I’m off all medications, my kidney is no longer hurting, I lost 30 pounds, I have the energy of a child, and I just started a new job last week. I had to make a lot of changes in my diet and lifestyle habits but it was well worth it! My mental health is better than it ever has been. I know now that I have all the control in how my body runs and if I eat healthy and take time to care for myself, I don’t have to be sick. I feel Jeffs’ gift is he Helps You to Help Yourself. He listens when you talk to him which is far more than I have gotten from any physician before. When I started seeing him I had 10 areas of weakness and 10 weeks later I’m on my last layer and am truly healthier than I have ever been in my life. I always feel the best opinions come from the people closest too you, for me that would be my 10 year old son. Last week he said, ” Mom I like you better this way, you are always happy and we play together more, I want you to stay this way.” When I think about all Jeff and Nutrition Response Testing has done for me and my family it brings me to tears, it has been a truly life changing experience“..