Highly recommended Pilates Teacher

Submitted by: Orit Caspi

Shirit's Success Story

I have been in Pilates for a few years with various teachers. In the last 2 years I enjoy the privilege of practicing Pilates with Orit. While I always liked Pilates, Orit is the most creative teacher I have ever had.Her classes are excellent ,organized,interesting ,flowing in her special rhythm and the atmosphere is always warm and friendly. Each class is different ,amazing how she does it.! She has a big variety of accessories -foam rollers,circles,weights,rubber bands, and much more.I get stronger from class to class and my core is the firmest I ever had. Orit is attentive and patient and understands each individual needs. You always feel good after her class both physically and emotionally.I highly recommend Orit and Lipilates.