High Heels and High Hopes

Submitted by: Elena Rotolo

Bonnie's Success Story

There are “angels” who walk among us everyday, guiding us and delivering to us the messages we need to hear – Elena is
this mythical creature personified. Elena bestows kindness, that special art of living with a loving heart. She is a caring
person and has a wonderful way of making others feel really good about themselves. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she
constantly and consistently offers help and encouragement when needed. This makes Elena a joy to be around. Words fail
me when describing my relationship with Elena, is so personal, emotional, and joyful. She has given me back my life.
Last year, I was consumed in constant back pain, existing on pain killers, antacids, and steroids. My skin color was ashen, my
cholesterol was 240, I was obese, I had no energy, and the light in my eyes was dim. I was 2 days away from back fusion
surgery, and didn’t know how I would ever be able to recover from surgery. I thought I was going to die.
Elena took on my challenge. Together we cleansed my system of all the toxins, re-started my metabolism, and worked to
control the pain. I could feel my energy returning, I was loosing weight, I could move again pain free, my hair was shinning
and I was alive again!
Soon I was able to begin physical training to strengthen my abs and back and build-up my endurance. In 9 months, the
difference working with Elena has changed the quality of my life.
Elena has made my life richer and given me reasons to celebrate every day!