Her Motivation, Strength & Determination Never Ceased to Amaze Me

Submitted by: Melissa Jones

Barbara's Success Story

A letter from my client ...

Melissa was my personal trainer for one and a half years, and was truly wonderful! First of all, there was never a time when she missed a date or a time...was always friendly and warm and most of all, very encouraging. I made tremendous progress during the time we worked together. She devised programs for me; we worked together to first set goals and then attain them....and we sure did attain them! I was 76 years old at the time....was taking a drug for osteopenia and needed to strengthen my bones. After one year, my bone scan showed normal, I went off the drug; no more osteopenia! And now, my last bone scan showed a 4% increase in bone mass! My posture is great! I look and feel longer than my age. Of course, doing the exercises did the job, but I couldn't (and wouldn't'!) without Melissa by my side; she worked me, encouraged me, complimented me, we were a team! I love Melissa and highly recommend her. She's a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out, very understanding, very compassionate and never critical. And she knows her stuff!