Helping disabled residents of an adult day health center succeed

Submitted by: Paul Colatruglio

Hertage Adult Day Health Center's Success Story

I provided 30 weeks of traing to about 20 different residents who participated in 3 10 week training sessions.
The center reported to me that all participants lost weight and their other biological markers improved, Many gained walking ablity and self-confidence to increase daily activities.
This group of individuals were the most attentive and tenacious about doing the exercises I gave them. I was honored and humbled by their attitudes about life.
I had one gentleman who was mostly wheel chair bound after suffering a stroke walking around a room and doing a cone drill I created for him. I had another young man, who was a former athlete until a auto accident left unstable, so happy to be getting back to working out that I had him help me assist the others on proper technique and motivation and encouragement.