Help where it hurts

Submitted by: Vance Ferrigno

Luci's Success Story

Vance has a unique insight and good understanding of what may be taking place in various parts of the body as well as what action should bet taken to improve mobility while attempting to eliminate pain.
Noting that David was experiencing problems with his shoulder, Vance offered assistance.  Through a series of movements, Vance was able to identify exercises to help to regain mobility and eliminate pain.  Vance provided consultation to David on several occasions leading to significant improvement in pain reduction, greater mobility while increasing strength in his arm and shoulder. 
I consulted with Vance after the success with David but also learning that he was helpful to Cindy Larson as well.  I was having pain in my hip and leg.  Vance was quickly able to recognize that I was in need of orthotics to correct my arches which obviously impacted my walking.  He had no idea that I had orthotics at home which I was not using and decided to use shortly after my sessions with Vance.  Furthermore he recognize that my ankles has limited movement when I attempted to squat and my hip was not very mobile.  He showed me a series of stretches for my hip which I believe helped in eliminating the stiffness allowing more freedom of movement and minimizing pain.  By using my orthotics and performing movements it has helped tremendously. 

-Luci Vaughn