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The mobile phone jammers are efficient in blocking the transmission of signals between the cell phone and its nearby base station. And just using the mobile phone signal jammers soon the mobile phones will lose the function of receiving mobile phone signals and then unable to make and receive mobile phone calls and also messages as well and get the high quality and easy to use mobile phone jammers is of great importance now. Do you have such kind of willing to gain the best multifunctional cell phone signal blockers? OK, here you get the help to gain the best 15-20 meters mobile phone jammers.
Even if the jamming distance and the jamming frequency bands are the same the mobile phone signal blockers can also be of different styles such as one cell phone signal scrambler is portable while the other cell phone signal isolator is desktop and as more and more people now have the need of using the mobile phone signal jammers while they are outside so that they should prefer the portable mobile phone blockers in such kind of condition and here in this article you will know more about the 15-20 meters mobile phone jammer.
And here at jammerfromchina you will find that large amounts of multifunctional mobile phone signal jammers are for sale here and find the mobile phone jammers catalog and clock the 15-20 meters then you can find the 15-20 meters mobile phone signal blockers according to your requirements and if you want to see the real example then here we just take this “3W Portable Mobile Phone WiFi GPS Signal Jammer with Cooling System”, which is a powerful portable multifunctional mobile phone signal jammer and then just take a few minutes to have a look at the details of this 15-20 meters mobile phone jammer.
Have a look at the jamming distance you will know that the jamming distance of this multifunctional 15-20 meters phone jammer is up to 20 meters depending on the signal strength in the detailed situation. Besides this multifunctional 15-20 meters mobile phone signal jammer is not only a mobile phone jammer but also the bluetooth jammer and the GOSL1 jammer at the meanwhile, so holding this signal jammer mean that you have three jammers at one hand and can easily block the CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, GPSL1, and WiFi2.4G at the same time.
Also another merit of this mobile phone GPS and WiFi signal jammer is that it is designed with cooling system so that it can stay in good working condition all the time and the car charger design also makes it easy to be used in the car, which is convenient while you are driving and want to keep away from the mobile phone tracking device and the GPS signal tracking device. If you have the need to gain the high quality multifunctional mobile phone signal jammers just get the help here.


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