Heather's Journey

Submitted by: Jessica Scardina

Heather's Success Story

"Jessica was my personal fitness trainer for 18 months and was my instructor in a class focused on improving running skills. Jessica demonstrated a strong dedication to fitness and support for my fitness health. She provided non-judgmental and solid guidance and kept me focused on my fitness goals. Jessica made my first experience with a personal trainer one of the best I could have had. So much so that her guidance helped me to change my entire lifestyle and look at fitness and health as a requirement to a better quality life. I lost 45 lbs and reduced my cholesterol to manageable non-medicated levels. Every session Jessica had crafted a complex workout with the right amount of increased challenges. Her teachings from the EZ8 running class, I use to this day when I run. Using these skills has given me the ability to put mind before matter and build my endurance."
-Heather F.