Heather K. Success Story!!!!

Submitted by: Hunter Faber

Heather's Success Story

I have been going to 24 hour fitness in North Gate for the past two months and love it. I have always been a relatively athletic person but had felt like in the past year i had backtracked physically, lost muscle tone, and had lost confide...nce when in the gym. I started doing personal training sessions with Hunter just so I would know my way around but during those first sessions I learned so much and got so excited about how knowledgable Hunter is that I can't stop going. From the very start Hunter has personalized everything for me. He recognized muscle imbalances I had from a previous injury and put together a program to reduce these imbalances. He also sat with me and customized a nutrition plan so that i could cut fat and increase lean body mass. The first time we set goals together I thought the weight and muscle mass goals were a little ambitious but with his guidance and encouragement i was able to not only meet those goals by losing weight and gaining muscle but I also have made progress correcting my imbalances, have improved my form, and have seen great results in my body and my confidence. Hunter has always pushed me further than I push myself and has helped keep me accountable. He also encourages me to have goals outside of the gym, and to have a balance between work, my social life, and working out. I look forward to every session with Hunter and I strongly encourage everyone no matter what your current fitness level is, to get involved at this gym and consider working with one of their awesome trainers.


Heather After