Healthier lifestyle achieved

Submitted by: Kelli Simels

Gerald's Success Story

Kelli and I first met in early 2012, when I became a participant in a corporate wellness program at our local YMCA in South Bend, Indiana. Kelli was the trainer assigned to me to assist in implementing both the exercise and diet components of the program. Kelli worked with me to develop an exercise program that fit my level of physical condition, worked with me on a weekly basis, and was always available when I needed encouragement. She also gave me valuable advice on how to complete various exercises we subsequently identified that were specific for my program. With her help, I lost 17 pounds during the three months the program lasted. And, more importantly, she helped me develop an exercise habit that I have continued to the present time. Since completing the three month program, I have lost an additional 20 pounds working out three to five days a week and watching what I eat. Without Kelli’s initial encouragement, I don’t think I would have achieved the success I have through the YMCA’s program.