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Suzette's Success Story

When I started training with Asim, I had not been in a good place for quite some time. The prior couple of years were very stressful and unfortunately my health paid the price. I knew the premise behind how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle, but I was not doing it.

Physically (and mentally) I was in the worst shape of my life! I had not exercised properly in over 3 years; my eating habits deteriorated to not just eating the wrong things, but sometimes not eating at all; and, I was badly out of shape. I was very lethargic and generally unhappy with where I was in life. The decision to use a personal trainer to assist me in achieving my goals was one of the best decisions I have ever made“an investment in ME!

I started training with Asim three times per week, and he started off with the very basics. Within the first month I noticed a difference. He worked with me to adjust and ensure my diet was supporting my training and my personal goals. He worked with my schedule (which is ever changing due to my travels and work commitments). There were minor setbacks, and hiccups along the way, but he persevered with me, and helped me through some tough times. Since I started on this journey I dropped two sizes! I am a totally different person today, a happier, healthier version of me, and I love it! Apart from eating well and understanding better what kinds of fuel to feed my body, I am stronger, feeling better, looking much better, and once again happy with my body and my lifestyle.

Asim made this journey easier, and kept me motivated and committed to my goals. He has become an important member of my health care team, and I would not be where I am today without his leadership, education and his friendship. Asim is paramount to my GP, naturopath or any other healthcare professional. He takes an earnest interest in my health and well-being, never offering a cookie cutter approach. I feel that he takes my specific needs into consideration when planning my workouts, and I can see it in the results.


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