Healthier Me Means a Healthier Family

Submitted by: Michelle Salerno

Stephanie K's Success Story

Michelle encouraged me
to join the Back to Basics
Boot Camp in Feb 2012.
At that time, I was
overweight, out of shape
& couldn’t run a block to
save my life. Within a few
weeks, I could tell I was getting stronger & able to run farther. I still struggled with my breathing. Part of our workout is to run the halls. I just could not keep up!
One day I was trying to run outside on my own & was about to give up after just a few blocks. Out of now where Michelle comes by & started cheering me on! I got tears in my eyes. I thought I couldn’t stop now!! A group of us from BTBBC participated in a Duathalon. I even did the Warrior Dash! Now, August 2012, 53lbs lighter, & in a mini skirt, it was Michelle’s support & encouragement that kept me going when I needed to. I started BC as one of the ‘Walkers’ & now I’m one of the ‘Runners’! My kids see me exercising & have become more attentive to what they eat & wanting to get out more & participate in outdoor activities & exercise. My kids & I ran the Color Run 5k 2012 & I’m running in the Papillion Extreme 5k in October. I am a new person because of the inspiration and motivation not only from "Coach" but from the entire BTBBC clan.


Stephanie K Before


Stephanie K After