Healthier and sleeping better!

Submitted by: Louie Arias

Jo Ann's Success Story

Louie has been my Exercise Therapist for nearly 3 years. Over this time, my upper body strength, core strength, and over all energy levels has significantly improved. I've been "under weight" most of my life and with noticeably increased muscle mass, i look and feel healthier than ever in a very long time. Recently, Louie introduced me to a sytematic hands-on technique called AAT where for 30 minutes he used specific sequential hand movements on my face, arms and legs. The results continue to be significant with deeper sleep, feeling less stressed, more relaxed, and a greater sense of well-being. Louie is amazing, his keen, welll-developed sensitivity to individual needs and his ability to create a sense of safety so i could trully relax and trust is second to none. The AAT technique is the best technique i have ever had performed on me and will highly recommed it.