Health Is #1

Submitted by: Everett Ketelhut

LeAnn's Success Story

The Power Of Fitness!! Changing bodies and minds one person at a time. Fitness is not a competition against anyone else, it's a competition within yourself to be the healthiest and fittest person YOU can be. Focus on HEALTH, the rest will take care of itself. Congrats LeAnn on what you have achieved, I am happy I played but only a small part in what you achieved to this point and I know I have it engrained in your mind now that this whole fitness thing is a lifelong venture, there is NO end!!

Key Health Markers to this Point: The Before test was taken Feb 2011 and the current tests were taken Nov. 2012.

Triglycerides: Before 230, Now 116!!
Total Cholesterol: Before 298, Now 170!! (WOW)
HDL (Good): Before 27, Now 45!!
LDL (Bad): Before 145, Now 98!!!
Blood Pressure: Before 130/82, Now 103/63!!
Resting HR: Before 120, Now 68!!


LeAnn Before


LeAnn After