Healing from car accident

Submitted by: Carol Abney

Yuki's Success Story

I first met Carol Abney in July of 2004. I was in a year long physical therapy program as a result of a car accident and doing Pilates drastically improved my healing process. Carol is attentive, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable in her Pilates instruction. She knew exactly what my body needed and was capable of handling, and soon became my favorite instructor. Despite how deceptively tough she can be, her open, honest and personality gave me the encouragement I needed to work through my pain and get better. Today, my body has healed and I'm basically my old self again. I owe so much to the thoughtful care and attention that Carol provided during our bi-weekly sessions together. I couldn't have done it without her. Anyone interested in doing Pilates should definitely do it with Carol - she's the best.”

Hollywood, CA