Healing Angel!

Submitted by: Carol Abney

Marilyn's Success Story

If you are looking for a great Pilates instructor, look no further than Carol Abney. I have been working with Carol for about two and a half years. I first came to her in distress! I have lumbar disc disease, Fibromyalgia and had suffered from an allergic reaction to the lumbar nerve block that had affected all of my joints and muscles. I was very weak, especially on my right side, and had balance and mobility problems. In working with Carol, my strength, balance and mobility have improved a thousand fold. I feel twenty years younger.

Carol gives you very concentrated attention. She is meticulous in seeing that your body is working in balance. She designs a program directed to your needs. She works with you with loving concern. I definitely would not be able to do all of the things I can do today without Carol’s avid attention to overcoming my issues.

She is a healing Angel!

Highland Park, CA