Headache Relief

Submitted by: Louie Arias

Margaret's Success Story

I spoke with Louie on a day that I was suffering from a headache, brought on by seasonal allergies. As the day progressed the pain had worsened. I did not have an appointment that day, but he encouraged me to come in on my way home from work. I did not have great expectations that I was going to have much of a decrease in pain as I have had these headaches many times and sleep/darkness/and medication is my trifecta of relief. After about 20 minutes of a combination of manual techniques I was so pleasantly surprised to see my 80/100 headache reduce to a mere 10/100. It remained at the reduced level despsite a ride home with a lot of headlights flashing all the way home. The next morning I woke up without any pain, without the need for medication. It was a wonderful feeling.