Happy Clients

Submitted by: Mary Beth Manning

's Success Story

"I have had the most amazing good fortune to work out with Mary Beth for
more than 13 years.....not only does she give a great, tough, customized
workout for your needs, but she is a great source of comfort and
inspiration to help you believe you can take control of your body and
mind to feel better and stronger every day"
E.G., Hollywood, CA.

"Mary Beth is an enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable, discrete, and creative trainer. She responds to you and your body's needs in real time and can be helpful in other areas of health and nutrition as it supports your work outs. I should know, I have been meeting with her several times a week to workout for over ten years."
D.R., Westwood,CA.

"The hour flies by when I train with Mary-Beth,which is great because I don't generally like to exercise. She's upbeat, knows what she's doing and somehow manages to kick my ass."
- A.W., L.A.,CA.

"I've been training with Mary-Beth for five years. I appreciate her as a trainer and as person. She's warm, charming, and her knowledge of the body has helped me through tough times, both physically and mentally."
- C.L.,Beverly Hills,CA.

"Mary Beth is the perfect combination of tough but fun. She has a great knack for motivating different personalities and she really gets results".
-P.W., L.A.,CA.

"I'm one of those people who wants to look fit and fabulous but would really rather read a good book or, ohh, sleep, than hit the gym. Thank goodness for Mary-Beth. My hour long sessions fly by and best of all-- I can see results. I have some past injuries, and MB has always been able to work around any problem area-- a bad shoulder being the top contender. And don't let that cheerful smile fool you-- she will charm you right into doing that 4th set that you really didn't think you had in you! I have recommended her to so many friends, knowing that they will receive a top-notch trainer, who is always willing to go the extra mile for clients-- she called my physical therapist and spoke to him at length about what would or wouldn't aggravate my shoulder. I always feel that I'm in good hands with Mary-Beth."
K.K., Beverly Hills,CA.

"I have spent well over 1000 hours training with MB over
the years. For me the result is a hard body and a more relaxed sense."
A.B., Bel Aire, CA.