Happy Camper

Submitted by: Monte Jones

Steph Blevins's Success Story

"My New Years Eve resolution for 2009 was like a lot of other people, to lose weight. After having 3 kids in 2 years, I had finally realized that I had “let myself go”. After trying may yo-yo diets, it took until April before I finally got the courage to join HardKohr Sports and Fitness. That’s when I met Monte, he encouraged me to come in and have a free orientation that included a workout with him. So after a month and a half of procrastinating I gave in and met with him. We talked a little about what I was looking to get from working out at the gym, he took some measurements and got my body fat percentage and set some goals and then went to work. Not only was he there to support me, he encouraged and motivated me like no one has. It was at that point I decided that this was exactly what I needed to do. I signed him on as my personal trainer. For the next 30 days we met 3 days a week. At the end of the first month I was amazed to say the least to learn that I lost 8 pounds and several inches."

" For the next several months Monte and I worked out 3 times a week. The results are incredible. So far I have lost a total of 12 ½ % body fat and 19 ½ inches off of my body. I went from a pant size 14 (borderline 16) down to a size 8, which I haven’t been able to get into for the past 6 years! I do believe without Monte as my personal trainer I would have never been able to do that! He pushed me when I felt I couldn’t do it any longer, encouraged me when I wanted to quit, and lent me his ear when I needed someone to talk to. He not only is my personal trainer, he is a very good friend. Monte’s personality, training style and ability is one in a million and I would recommend him to anyone!"