Had to see it to believe it!

Submitted by: Bill LeGrand

Cindy's Success Story

"I have been a client of Bill’s since the end of June 2009 at which time I weighed 229 pounds. I had been thinking of trying a personal trainer because nothing else worked, but did not want to go to a gym where other people would be watching me. I read an article about Better Bodies of Iowa and contacted Bill for more information.

When I went to Bill’s studio to meet him (and it took a lot for me to walk through the door) we discussed why I was there, what I did for exercise (what I thought was exercise) and what my goal was. It was obvious that losing weight was my main goal. When I told him I wanted to lose 80 pounds (yeah right, only a dream to me), he told me that was a realistic and attainable goal. I wanted to laugh out loud at him and let him know he was full of crap, after all nothing else has EVER worked, why would this? He weighed me, took my measurements (yes, he got out a tape measure and took my measurements!) and now he knows more than I wanted to know or wanted anyone else to know. If that doesn’t motivate you nothing will. I gave it a shot and after 7 months, I had lost 73 pounds and I was 7 pounds away from my goal weight! I look forward to my training sessions each week. Each session is different, fun with the benefit of a full workout and satisfying knowing that I am doing what I thought would never be possible less than a year ago. My next step is to learn how to maintain my goal weight and set new fitness goals under the direction of Trainer Bill."


Cindy Before


Cindy After