Great results using smarter training

Submitted by: Ken Nicodemus

Katharyne's Success Story

I have had amazing results using your test guidelines! I dropped 15 lbs. within 8 weeks after my return from the Golden Door and have continued to lose more. I have lost 28 lbs. almost effortlessly! After YEARS of exercising with no weight-loss results, I seemed to shrink before everyone's eyes. EVERYONE has been asking me what I have done! I have gone from a size 12/14ish to between a size 8 and size 6, from old lady clothes and attitude to shopping in the Juniors department! If you had a testing facility in Durham, you could definitely stay busy!! I went to a local fitness testing lab in the hopes of checking my levels now that I've achieved such wonderful results. The closest test they had was their VO2 Max test. The protocol must have been different because I was not satisfied with the results or the methods they used in the testing. I can't wait until February when I return to The Door so that I can retest with your company. Best regards from a woman whose life you have changed!