Golf Performance

Submitted by: Steve Vicera

Kevin's Success Story

Before I had started working with Steve I had taken a new job and was working 60+ hour weeks and I also have a young family. Not leaving much time to workout, which allowed me to put on a few extra pounds. Also, I have had a long history of back problems and the extra weight and poor lack of physical condition has made me more susceptible to injury. Then injury struck, I had a small fragment of my lower disc break off and basically immobilized be for a few months. As father and competitive golfer the poor physical condition that I let myself lapse into was unacceptable. My wife arranged for me to meet with her trainer, Steve Vicera.

Steve was nice in our first meeting (means - he didn’t laugh out loud) but he could see that my body was neglected. My goals were to get back into a shape that would allow me to be physically active with my kids and have a body that would have the flexibility and strength necessary to play competitive golf. Problem, my work and family activity schedule didn’t allow me to just pop over the gym a couple times a week during the day. Not only has Steve’s services been extremely helpful to me but he has been very accommodating; arranging to come to my house and work out with me 2 nights a week after work. Also Steve has a great understanding and ability to know and sense how much he can push you during a work out to get the most out of every session. On top of that his warm personality and humor make every workout a comfortable environment.

Steve focused on strengthen my core to provide support for my weak lower back and increasing my overall flexibility. I have worked out with Steve for just over a year and my back feels stronger than it has in over 20 years. I have increased my flexibly and stamina tremendously which has helped me stay competitive on the golf course even considering I have less time available to practice. My body fat has dropped form over 26 % to 17 % and I am overall more healthy.

If you are interested in improving your health and physical condition I would highly recommend that you see Steve for a consultation. (Don’t fear he won’t laugh out loud)

Kevin Trent
Director, Digital Solutions Division
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