"Going Strong at 68!"

Submitted by: Robert Morrow

Sylvia's Success Story

To Whom it May Concern:
I am a 68-year old woman who has recently had the good fortune of having Bobby
Morrow as my personal trainer. Although I have always been active--an avid
neighborhood walker for more than 25 years and, more recently, a regular on the
treadmill and the recumbent bicycle at a local gym--I was experiencing a crisis of sorts
as I dealt with the aftermath of a pair of angioplasties, a new cardiac stent, a two-yearold
artificial right knee, a deteriorating left knee, and the cumulative effect of a decade
as a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer. I also knew that I should add weight training to my
regimen but was intimidated by the complicated-looking equipment in my local gym. I
signed up for some initial training on the equipment and sprang for a trainer (or two or
three) to get me oriented and ,motivated, but I always came away feeling confused and
convinced that there wasn't atrainer in the world who could understand my unique
challenges and who could tailor a program that matched my situation.
Fortunately, I came across Bobby. He has met me where I am. Rather than following
some ill-fitting template, he has identified and worked with my individual challenges,
abilities, and idiosyncracies. At last I feel understood. After only two months of working
with Bobby I now know an expanded freedom of movement, an enhanced flexibility and
strength, and an abundance of energy that I hadn't dared to hope for. I exercise with
intensity but, mercifully, without pain (other trainers seemed to associate pain with gain
and were dismissive if not down right derisive of my complaints). I am more
enthusiastic than ever about daily exercise and the possibilities for a vigorous future.
am renewed.
I am so grateful to have found Bobby, and I highly recommend him, especially for
people who are physically challenged in some way. He is knowledgeable,
compassionate, committed, and effective--a true partner in good health.
Very truly yours,
Sylvia Walser