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Submitted by: Michelle Boler

Aria's Success Story

Hello, My name is Aria, and I and a 30 year old full time working mother and wife with two children the age of 7(boy) and 14(girl) When I was the age of 28, at 248lbs I found out that I have diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure at a doctor’s visit, with my kids being present in the office. It was the most devastating time in my life, and what hurt me the most was the look on my kids face. The same day we were scheduled to go to the Florida state fair, I swore I was scared to even eat and enjoy myself. I hit the ground running, and lost 50 lbs in like three month by myself. Finally, I was off my medication and I had a clean bill of health, as long as I keep a fit life style change. I was fit, but thin from the running. My family would pick on me, and look at me strange, but I didn’t care because I was not on medication. Then I hit a wall in my weight loss, I stayed 186 lbs for three months, no matter what I did such as diet plans, internet searching and taking classes at the gym nothing seemed to work. It felt defeated and became really stressed out and just stopped working out, and running all together. In 2012, I found my stressed, lazy making bad food choices during again. I was also around a group of people that do not care about the food they eat. For example, my office and family would have several potlucks, and bring in donuts and bagels every week. Of course, with trying to fit in, I ate with them, then bang! I gain back 25 plus pounds. My hair started to thin and fall out, my body stated to feel as if I was returning to being a diabetic. So, on January 1, 2013 I decided to make the choice to lose weight. I can remember that morning, trying to run around my apartment complex, I thought I was going to die! I was mad at myself because I was running and now I was unable to run around a building. I was heart broken. On January 14, 2013 I was coming back from taking my husband to work, and I saw a group of women awake at 5:30am in the morning working out with strange things. I could not believe my eyes, tires, ropes, and weights. I thought to myself, pull over and see what’s going on! At that moment I met the most supportive trainer, and team to assist me in my mission. I even discovered my alter ego, “Hammer” as a muse to help me get through the 5am workouts Then bang, I lost 25 lbs, gained muscle and changed my shape. I can not even believe this is my body! I even got the courage to run and workout outdoors with just a sports bra and shorts. Performance Fit Bodies boot camp is a supportive group that will get you to do another burpee and sled pull even when I think I cant. I have made a positive transformation for my health, body and mind. Now, when I see my friends and family they are amazed to see that I stuck to my guns, and got fit! My journey is still no complete; I’m in it for the long hall this time around. In summary I would recommend this program to anybody because of the following. The trainer is awesome, and very encouraging with your goals of being fit, healthy, and sexy. The support of the group is amazing, and keeps you going even on your bad days. I found myself in a different way than I thought possible with this boot camp, and I love every bit of it!
Aria R.


Aria Before


Aria After