Gett'N Serious About Fitness! - BEST! Me Boot Camper

Submitted by: Rebecca Marino

Teri's Success Story

Teri B's Boot Camp Goals: To improve overall strength, cardio & flexibility.

Testimonial: Boot Camp with Becca is awesome! It is a fabulous workout. Unlike anything I've ever done before. I love the intensity and variety of the workouts. We had a great camaraderie with the ladies in our boot camp. I will be back for more! Becca is so encouraging! She gives over 100% everyday to us. I highly recommend Becca to anyone who wants to get serious about fitness! You're the best Becca!! Hoo-raH!

- More energy
- Greater endurance and stamina
- Better flexibility
My goals were met!!

What I Learned At BEST! Me Boot Camp:
so much!! I learned how to work harder than I thought possible. I never dreamed that I would be able to do up-downs! Hoo-rah! My endurance has increased a lot as well as my flexibility. I learned that I can always push myself more and more beyond my capability. I learned to laugh at myself more and not get discouraged so easily!

May 2010 Teri B.


Teri After