Getting stronger made my back feel better

Submitted by: Trent Mitchell

Phyllis Barrett, Retired Court Reporter's Success Story

“I have trained with Trent for 12 years, and hopefully I will be able to train with him another 12 or more years. I say “hopefully” because I am 64 years old. When I first started training with Trent, he asked me what my goal was, and I really didn’t know. I just knew I wanted to be “fit again.” I had always done cardio, jogging and aerobics, but I had never lifted weights. I was afraid I would hurt myself.

Since I was newly widowed, I really put my heart and soul into it. That’s when I fell in love with lifting weights. In the beginning, Trent went easy with me, but gradually he stressed the importance of cardio and the importance of a healthy diet. I always thought I ate healthy, but he taught me a lot. I hurt my back in 1985 while jogging, and it became so bad that I had a spinal fusion in 1999 and a laminectomy in 2000.

Once I was released to work out again, Trent was so good in treating my back, never working me so heavy as to re injure me. He stretches me out before and after each workout, and I always leave feeling better than when I walked in to begin my session. Trent is one of the most reliable trainers I have ever met or have watched training other people. He is dedicated, dependable, professional, courteous, honest, and he devotes his attention to everyone he trains. He wants results and he gets it. He is the “best.” I wouldn’t trade him for any other trainer in the world.”