Getting ready for her brothers wedding!

Submitted by: Yolanda Womack

Christine's Success Story

Like both of my parents, my weight and my self-confidence has fluctuated up and down my whole life. This is my third time wanting to lose a significant amount of weight – and this time around, I also started out at the highest weight I've ever been (about 220 lbs. and size 14-16).

To be completely honest, I was so apprehensive about personal training. I thought, I know how to jump on an elliptical machine and work out, why should I pay someone big money to watch me do it? What if it doesn’t work? And, I don’t need to do weights, because I think I have enough muscle already. I just want to get skinny! How do I know if I’m choosing the right trainer? They are all over the place.

I knew I needed help. I knew that what I was doing (and had done before) was wrong. I wanted to lose weight this time the right way and keep it off forever. My brother's wedding was approaching and I was turning 30, that was my motivation to start now. I told myself that I deserve to feel amazing at 30 years old and in front of our family and friends on the most important day of my brother’s life.

So I had my free 30-minute consultation and I picked her brain for probably 35 minutes. She was so smart!! So, I started out with a small package of six 60-minute sessions just to see what personal training was all about. I was still not super excited about spending the money, but kept telling myself that this is for me and I work hard and I deserve to feel good and love myself and my body. After finishing the six sessions, I realized that before I met Yolanda, I knew nothing about exercise and nutrition and I was not prepared to meet my goals on my own and I really needed her help if I wanted to meet my goals, so I got another package – 20 60-minute sessions.

Yolanda was always on time for our sessions. She was very flexible if I was running late or needed to reschedule. She always gave me her undivided attention, as if I was her most important client. She was great at answering all of my questions and explaining how and why for various exercises. She was polite and respectful and friendly – very personable, I always felt comfortable with her and looked forward to each and every session. And each session was different. She also had me track everything I ate and drank and reviewed it periodically, as well as instructed me on what to do for exercise and nutrition in between our sessions.

Yolanda has been one of the most inspirational people ever in my whole life. I've never felt so good in my whole life, especially after a workout with Yolanda. I have learned way more about my own body, health, nutrition, and fitness this past 3-4 months than I have ever known in my whole life. She taught me how to eat (like what, when, and how much) and I can feel it! I feel energetic, mentally alert, my skin seems better too. Now when I do feel sluggish or bloated and puffy, I know what to do to change that. My son sees me working out, being active, and eating better and joins in with me all on his own!

I feel amazing and it is so worth all the hard work and dedication. I look forward to more sessions with Yolanda in the future!!

-Christine G. (180 lbs. and size 8-10)