"Getting Off The Roller Coaster"

Submitted by: Robert Morrow

Nina's Success Story

March 23, 2010

Dear Fitness Seekers,

I had been on the diet and exercise roller coaster for several years with the same spinning out of control results after each ride. I finally decided to do something different“join the gym“.I did and along with the membership I received a consultation with a certified trainer of my choice. Fortunately, Bobby Morrow was recommended to me and I scheduled my appointment. I have to tell you I was skeptical; however after meeting with Bobby and listening to the dedication and enthusiasm for “overall” fitness he has; I was hooked. Not only does Bobby help you with a strength training program; he works with your diet too!

Bobby has been working with me for a few months now and during that time I have increased my strength, lost weight and inches; not to mention that my energy level is through the roof. I feel like my “overall” fitness has improved and that’s what really counts. Even after I completed my initial program with Bobby he didn’t leave me totally on my own. He checks on my progress, encourages me and answers any question that I have. He sends wonderful emails full of health and diet articles plus the “get to the gym” reminders.

With Bobby’s help I’m finally off the diet roller coaster and on the “overall” good health ride of a lifetime!!

When you make the commitment to yourself to change your fitness life and you want a dedicated, enthusiastic professional that honestly cares about your health and knows what he’s doing; you need to make an appointment with Bobby Morrow. He will be as committed to your “overall” good health and fitness as you are.

Enjoy the ride.

Nina Davis