Getting Navy Fit

Submitted by: Willie Tate

Lousia's Success Story

I first met Willie in 2007 when I transferred to new command while serving in the US Navy. I figured out soon that the command I was part of did not play when it came to the weight and Physical Fitness Standard Scores. I set up a consultation with Willie and I had no idea that I had gotten as big as I was then - 5'4", weighing 198 with a body fat percentage of 40%! I remember I just sat there and cried and realized I had to do something if I wanted to stay in the Navy. He looked at me and said “now that you got that out of your system we got some work to do.” I went from not being unable to run 5 minutes without stopping to getting to a 3 mile run. I did exactly what he said and lost 60 pounds in less than a year. He has been a great trainer always friendly, outgoing, motivating and understanding and during this time he didn't take any of my excuses that I gave him when I was being lazy of thought I couldn't do any more. With his motivation and expertise along with my determination I honestly don't think I would have passed any of my PFA's. I am happy to say I was able to retire from the Navy this year without any failures for my Physical Fitness Assessments and for that I have Willie Tate to be thankful for. Everything he has taught stays with me, no more quick fix diets pills, powders just eating right and working out.


Lousia Before


Lousia After