Getting my life back

Submitted by: Stillman Rice

Terry's Success Story

I came to Stillman over 12 years ago because I was a medical mess and needed help. I weighed 237 lbs., I had trouble breathing, high blood pressure and severe back pain. Since training with Stillman twice a week, I have lost weight, no longer take blood pressure medication and can breathe normally. I have a herniated disc and two degenerated discs. I have cut down the amount of back medication I take every day and I have not had a cortisone injection in my back for over 10 years. I have had two bone density tests which were off the charts (GREAT). As far as I'm concerned Stillman has given me my life back. I will always have problems with my back, but thanks to his excellent training I can function in my everyday life. I am a better person physically and mentally thanks to training with Stillman.


Terry After