Getting My Life Back

Submitted by: Gigi Gregory

Nancy P.'s Success Story

"Having just come out of a long hospital stay I was weak, had lost confidence and had lost physical confidence. When I was introduced to Gigi I wasn't convinced that it was the correct thing to do because she was the antithesis of where I saw myself and I didn't know if I had the strength to come up to speed. Gigi is so gifted at what she does that she not only worked on strengthening my core, she also encouraged me to keep working in such a way that I felt very motivated to feel better. Comparing the level of my strength on that first day to where I am now, several months later, I can easily say that I have gone from a Level 0 to an 8! This experience has brought me to a happier place in life and made me realize the strong connection between mind and body which is one of Gigi's greatest gifts to me. I am enjoying the balance of physical strength and mental acuity I now experience thanks to the time I've committed to spend with Gigi! All of my friends are amazed at my new self-assurance and so am I!"


Nancy P. After