Getting Fit-Fit for Life!

Submitted by: Magdalena Romanska

Jacque's Success Story

Magdalena has absolutely transformed my life and my body in approximately eight months of sessions. After working out at the local Hilton Spa for over three years with limited results I took the plunge to begin working out under her direction. I felt she obviously had some knowledge because her appearance is so fit and she is always so happy. I have gone from a size 8-10 to a size 2-4 and all without depriving myself of good meals and the enjoyment of an occasional glass of wine or a desert. She helped me to increase my bone density and my muscle mass so that, even at rest, my body continues to burn calories at a higher rate due to increased metabolism. I feel so much better than before and, at age 55, her efforts with me have stabilized a previous high/low blood pressure fluctuation concern and my blood pressure is now consistently in the 90/60 range at rest and 129/90 on the treadmill. She is worth every dollar you will pay her and, I have found, I actually save money as a result of a lifestyle that now involves choosing outdoor healthy activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, etc., instead of dining, shopping, movies and other sedentary and very expensive activities to fill my life. I am more emotionally fulfilled, my husband enjoys the physical results and I feel that I owe Magdalena for the happiness in the future chapters of my life that are much healthier, with fewer doctor bills and hospital stays than would have occurred without her gentle guidance and high expectations of my potential.


Jacque Before


Jacque After