Getting a new lease on life

Submitted by: Sylvia Galelli

Jim O's Success Story

When Jim walked into Fitness Advantage eight months ago he had one goal in mind, to get his life back! Prior to that day he was living in a fog. Jim said, “I felt disconnected with life; dead.”

Years of an unhealthy lifestyle caught up to him and (he was paying the price). He was overweight, suffered from depression and had type 2 diabetes. The medication he was taking for the depression put him in a constant “fog” and caused a loss of fine motor control (causing Jim and his wife, Dee, great concern).

Jim called upon Sylvia Galelli, Fitness Advantage program director and nutrition specialist and Ping Wu, Fitness Advantage trainer for much needed assistance. Since starting his program, Jim has dedicated himself 100% and the results are extraordinary. In only 8 weeks, Jim has lost over 20lbs and experienced a remarkable increase in his energy and mental focus. He has increased fine motor control and he has been able to cut his medication intake IN HALF!

Jim feels a new sense of confidence and a renewed desire to “live” life.


Jim O Before


Jim O After