Get moving

Submitted by: Ryan Crandall

J.C.'s Success Story

Wow. Where does one begin. Before meeting Ryan, I was afraid to train. Sure, when I was younger I liked to work out, but then I had some major injuries and surgeries that caused me to rapidly decondition mentally and physically. I'll be honest, I was very apprehensive at first to hire Ryan. My doctor told me to not move my head and not to exercise for for 12 months after the surgery. My whole body was stiff and tight and I gained weight. We started very slow, and Ryan was always on top of my restrictions and pain thresholds. Over time I was able to do more and more. Heck, I never thought I would be able to lunge, squat, or even do a push up. I'm so proud of myself and my accomplishments. Ryan is encouraging, friendly, prompt, and certainly has a encyclopedia of knowledge in his brain and the way he trains. How else could I be more active than before with less pain? Thank you Ryan for your sincere efforts and patience. J.C.