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Submitted by: Bekah White

Stephen's Success Story

I have always struggled with my weight, but thought to myself that it was okay to be bigger. In 2008 my father was diagnosed with Cancer and passed in spring of 2010, then my doctor told me that my blood pressure is continuing to stay high and that I was pre-diabetic and that if I didn’t change my ways that I would be on medication soon. At age 45 I was at my heaviest weight of 261 lbs. I knew that I needed to change, not so much for appearance but for my health. I had already been a member of a gym but needed the support and the encouragement to go. I had the great fortune of meeting Bekah in October 2009 and we started on my journey.
She helped me change my diet, my routine, and most of all my way of thinking about being healthy. From that point to today I have lost 56 lbs. and am able now to run 5 miles 3 times a week and have improved my strength 10 times! I can do a 10 mile bike trail with ease and now take the steps everytime I need to go up stairs without gasping for air at the top!
With Bekah’s great encouragement and her expertise in training me, I have the strength, knowledge, and understanding now of how to keep the weight off. I still have some work to do but thanks to Bekah I have a great foundation now to build on and new lease on life!
Stephen Wilton


Stephen Before


Stephen After