Submitted by: Dwayne Cookson

Anna's Success Story

At age 25, I looked fabulous. We actually had a gym, personal trainer and nurse available for free at my office (it was the 80's, after all), so it was easy to work out during lunch. I did it every single day for a few years, and I swore I'd never stop. But then I changed jobs, and I stopped working out. After years of no exercise and a lifetime of bad eating habits combined with an extremely stressful job, I was a mess. Not only was I a mess, I was a mess about to turn 40!

I knew I wanted to lose some weight and get in better physical shape. A friend invited me to a class at Fitness Exchange, and I ended up joining on the spot. Then I decided to sign up for some personal training sessions with Dwayne Cookson.

1. Dwayne's focus on good nutrition combined with resistance training and cardio has helped me get results. After learning some nutrition basics during a program at the gym, Dwayne helped me change my eating habits completely. I lost ten pounds during the first month, and another five over the next couple of months. I'm 5'8" tall, and I went from size 12 to size 8! I haven't been an 8 since those days in my twenties. I love it

Not only have I lost weight, I have some actual muscles these days. My arms no longer jiggle! Dwayne leads me carefully through every exercise, focusing on my every move and making tiny adjustments to my form while I work out. It's those tiny adjustments that are so amazing. I'll be moving along, sure that I'm doing something right and wondering why it feels (relatively) easy, then Dwayne moves my elbow forward an inch, and I realize it was easy because I wasn't doing it right. If I had a dollar for every time he said "shoulders down", I could retire.

When I started training with Dwayne, my intention was to work with him twice a week for a month or two, then do it all on my own. Here I am, six months later. Not only am I still working out with Dwayne, I'm working out with him three times a week instead of two. He laughs with me and makes it fun. He helps me set achievable goals and hold myself accountable for my progress. I'm more disciplined with Dwayne's coaching than I would be without it, so I decided not to go without it.

I've changed the way I live, and Dwayne has coached and encouraged me every step of the way. Dwayne hasn't just taught me how to exercise. He's helped me to be healthier. Maybe I'll even decide that 40 is fabulous.