Gained and lost 50 LBS due to Iraq war

Submitted by: Sherri Smith

Myself's Success Story

From 2003-2004 I was deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Army.
I developed severe back pain due to degenerative disc disease as it was aggravated with wearing heavy military gear daily. Unable to participate in Army Physical Fitness for 9 months, I gained 50 LBS. Thinking I would never be healthy again, I developed depression. After making a decision to better myself, I sought medical help for my back and started an exercise and diet routine on my own. I started with a colon cleanse and walking my dog. then I progressed with weight loss a little bit at a time. I felt happier and healthier every month and my confidence returned. The more weight I took off, the less severe back pain I experienced. After 2 years, I lost 25 lbs. I still needed more results but that was the best I could do on my own motivation.
I hired a personal trainer for 3 months and lost another 15 LBS while developing impressive muscle tone. I decided at that point that I wanted to become a personal trainer. I studied the course with NFPT and took the very challenging exam to become certified.