Gaelan Truyman, Fit Level

Submitted by: EZIA Athletic Club

Gaelan's Success Story

Gaelan is a fit young woman who is trying to pass from the Fit into the Active Level of our ESP Program today. She is a very “normal” 30 years old, and could use a little extra help in the motivational department. Not that she lacks the desire to be healthy and well, but sometimes work and life get in the way. Together we keep her focused on reaching her desired goals and we have a lot of fun doing it too. We are very proud of her ability to stick with her commitment to what she values most, health and fitness.
Being a woman requires a different approach in that the (weight), volume (sets), and overall requirements are not at the same intensity. We apply the same ESP training methodology with Gaelan that we do with our Professional athletes. She is training at a level that is appropriate for her ability level, while keeping her sights set on the next fitness goal on her horizon. Having clear cut and target goals really helps stay focused, progressing and engaged in the program.


Gaelan Before


Gaelan After